Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb

As well as having a problem with the amount of beer from the Bruery, it seems I also have a decent amount of New Glarus.  How are those for problems to have, buddy?  Unfortunately, I am not skilled enough to make some awesome pie to go along with this.  But really, what do you expect from me?

New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb

Appearance- A very hazy amber/dark orange color with a tint of red.  A tan creamy head sticks around after the pour.

Smell- Predictably, a lot of strawberry and rhubarb.  Very rich smell with what seems to be a slight cherry.  Underneath the fruit is a candy sweetness with a crockery/cereal character.

Taste- Reminiscent of strawberry rhubarb pie in the beginning.  A sweet fruit character with moderate strawberry character (slightly surprising seeing how hard it is to get a real strawberry taste in a beer).  Tart character picks up in the middle and is complimented by a sugary sweetness.  A slight cereal taste in the finish.

Mouthfeel- Medium-thin body with a spritzy carbonation on the tongue.  Leaves a lingering sweetness.

Overall- Another great fruit beer from New Glarus.  At times I expected to get a strawberry seed since it tasted so fresh.  Would have loved to have this one with a slice of pie.  Someone make that happen.

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